Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ending of Caucasia

So, we finally finished Caucasia. Personally, i feel the ending was very very terrible. Honestly, i was in love with the book at the end. Its like whoa she found her dad and sister wow its gonna get good now. Then bam we get the ending kinda thrown at us. I suppose its good that I ended wanting more, shows how engaging the last few chapters are and such. But seriously, almost every book/story we've read has an ending like that. Seems like Kunkle is torturing those among us who enjoy closure to our stories and not some crappy "abstract" ending.

Cool Writing Presentations

Over this quarter, we all have at some point presented to the class a piece of writing which we find to be, well, cool. These presentations not only got us more engaged in close reading material we like, but opened us to new music and movies we might not otherwise have heard or seen. Personally, this project has made me much more aware of the lyrics and the deeper meanings of books, movies, and music.

The Generic Post Concerning Race

Everything ive done in class from the movie i watched, the discussions ive had, and the articles ive read have really made me take a step back and think hard about race and how depictions can really shape the minds of entire populations of people. You would think that something as harmless as pancake syrup wouldnt have anything to do with race or racism. However after that movie, it really makes you wonder, where else this happens. Maybe its because ive grown up in this decade, but i dont see it nearly as bad as it was. Im sure with some investigating i could uncover some examples. Last i checked aunt jemima still was around.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Caucasia part 1

So the first few chapters of Caucasia. From what i can tell, its shaping up to be a pretty good book. The way Danzy Senna crafts her words ever so elegantly in her novel really help make the story gripping even for someone who would never read a book because they wanted to. I found myself looking forward to reading what happened next. This is something i haven't felt in a long time. While i cant predict what will happen, i hope it only gets better. =]

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Still tired, but need to pass class

Title pretty much sums it up for me this morning.

Moar blogging incoming.....

Chapters 3 and 4 of Slaughter-House-Five. What can I say other then these two chapters are pretty much the highlight of my college lit experience thus far. The whole section of Billy chilling on his couch drinking flat champagne watching a war movie backwards made me laugh when I first read it and when I thought about it. It also begins the antiwar theme which we all know is coming. It shows how a very violent movie can be turned into a nice save everyone film just by showing it backwards. I really hope the book can upkeep this awesomeness which it has shown so far.

Ok, blogging done. Need to go comment seriously now.

Also, why doesn't this blogging application capitalize your "i's" automatically, its really bugging me.

Mmmm I'm Tired

So its really early and i need to post and comment, but I'm hoping this 12 pack of mountain dew will help.

Anyway, blogginz is startin' now.

First two chapters of Slaughter-House-Five. I hope I did the dashes/hyphens right on the title. Anyway, i felt the first two chapters really started the book off on a good note in my mind. In a class where a vast majority of the works which we read, it was nice to have a book to read that didn't take itself so seriously. Also the fact that the book actually tells a story of events occuring and people doing things other then talking was a nice change of pace. I hope the rest of the book keeps up this theme of not being a boring book.

In the meantime, keep it easy keep it sleezy.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Metamorphosis makes me giggle :x

So we are reading this book, Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka, which if anyone has played Final Fantasy 3 on the SNES or FF6 on the Playstation you should recognize that Kafka sounds very similar to Kefka, the antagonist of the game.

Anyway, back to the serious business.

The book opens with the main character (Gregor) waking up as a giant insect of sorts. Kafka's disgustingly accurate discriptions of Gregor in his insect state. So basically, we're supposed to accept some european's clearly drug-addled story as a work of pure genious? Not that its a bad story, but it should not be amazing just because of how strange it is. Strangeness does not equal genious in my opinion. If a book is being startling just for the sake of being startling, it dosent make it a work of genious. Ok done for now, gotta make like 2 more posts by tomarrow so peace peeps.